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For over ten years, our Digital Strategy & Consulting team has been assisting companies in facing the challenges of the ever-evolving digital world. We are passionately dedicated to analyzing the positioning of brands with a clear mission: to support our clients in developing effective strategies to stand out from competitors and transform digital channels into key assets for achieving their business objectives.

Customized innovation

We collaborate with brands from various sectors, including Fashion & Luxury, Design, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Retail, and Non-Profit. The diversity of sectors we embrace not only allows us to offer tailored solutions for each client but also serves as a key to understanding emerging digital trends. Our collaboration across a wide range of industries enables us to identify synergies between different industries and provide innovative solutions, often inspired by successes in seemingly unrelated sectors.

International team

We stand out for our in-depth knowledge of Asian markets, including China, Japan, South Korea, and the Gulf Arab countries. Our team includes native speakers from these regions, ensuring a thorough understanding of the cultural and commercial specificities of each territory.

Our international presence is our added value, allowing us to conduct analyses and projects, even on-site, that truly take into account local needs and trends.

Our approach

Our offering in the field of digital strategic consultancy encompasses two directions: on one hand, we develop annually structured programs of digital benchmarking and audits, and on the other hand, we carry out customized consultancy projects based on the specific needs of our clients.

Digital benchmarking and audit

Benchmarking aims to identify the competitive positioning of brands and the gaps compared to industry best practices, anticipate trends and support the customer in defining their own priorities and the related implementation roadmap. Each methodology is designed and adapted according to the relevant industry.

Ad hoc consultancy projects

Consulting projects offer customized solutions to maximize the potential of the brand’s digital assets. We work with the customer to understand challenges and objectives and to develop tailored methodologies and projects that translate into strategic and operational recommendations with dedicated development roadmaps.

Some of our established methodologies:

Digital Competitive Map

The study provides a mapping of the digital ecosystem of brands going to observe both strategic parameters (such as presence on ecommerce and social media, linguistic coverage, brand storytelling, and its commitment to sustainability as reflected on the web) and UX (starting from the website homepage, through category pages, product pages and checkout, including including a Customer Care analysis).

Strategic positioning of the site

The project aims to identify the strategic positioning of the customer’s website in terms of commercial push or focus on branding issues, through detailed mapping of the existing content (homepage, category page, product page, navigation bar), also defining different positioning strategies for countries.

Content synergies

The study analyzes the content strategies implemented by brands across digital channels (website, social media channels, sponsored posts, email, etc.) with the goal of optimizing both content creation and editorial plans, as well as cross-team business organizational processes.

Analysis of social contact plan

The research offers an in-depth examination of the content shared by brands on social media accounts to offer insights for optimizing the editorial calendar. This analysis encompasses studying contact frequencies, content mix and post/account layouts. Can be conducted on both Western social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn) and Asian platforms (WeChat, Line, Kakao).

Analysis of email contact plan

The research analyzes the communication strategy implemented by brands through the email channel, studying contact frequency, content mix, layout elements and email anatomy. Special attention is also given to the newsletter signup form and preference collection methods to highlight the positioning and communication style of the brands.

Definition of the contact plan

Starting from the definition of the brand’s communication positioning and the distinctive elements of the editorial plan, the project aims to develop strategic guidelines for the implementation of the contact plan and to offer concrete support for its implementation.

Starting from the definition of the brand’s communication positioning and the distinctive elements of the editorial plan, the project aims to develop strategic guidelines for the implementation or revision of the contact plan and to offer concrete support for its implementation.

Pricing strategies and online catalogue breadth

Through the study of all the online product pages, the project offers a detailed view of the pricing strategies and the breadth and composition of the online offer. The analysis is a valuable tool for defining and comparing the brand’s strategic positioning across the entire online catalog or selected product categories.

Online shopping experience

The report examines all stages of the online customer purchasing experience, encompassing digital touchpoints (such as website checkout UX, payment and delivery methods, purchase-related communications, etc.) and physical touchpoints (delivery, unboxing, return process, etc.). The test can be performed in different locations to identify local best practices and specificities.

Transactional communications

Through simulating Customer Journeys related to accounts, services and purchase, the research analyzes all transactional communications received (welcome email, abandoned cart, appointment, back in stock, order confirmation, etc.) to identify strategic-operational suggestions, optimize communication flows and exploit business and relational opportunities.

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