Cookies and other technology for reading/storing information on the user’s device.

We use cookies (small text files transferred from the Web server to the user’s computer) and other technology for reading and/or storing information on the user’s device, such as fingerprinting, email trackers and Clear GIF/Beacons. The purpose of this is to provide the server with information regarding the user’s access to the web page concerned and any other information that it obtains from the readable parameters of the system via the functions contained in the web page, to personalise and facilitate the user’s browsing experience and, in some cases, subject to the user’s consent, to improve user profiling for advertising and/or commercial reasons. Cookies may be “temporary” (or session based, being deleted upon termination of the connection) or “permanent” (they are stored on the user’s hard drive, unless the user chooses to delete them).

The cookies used by our websites and by our apps are covered by the two categories established by the Italian Data Protection Authority (“Privacy Guarantor”) under the general regulations known as the Cookie Policy of 8 May 2014, to which the Data Controller adheres in terms of its information notice and the requirement to and methods of obtaining consent. In particular, this notice also represents the full version of the short banner text already seen by the user upon accessing the website and/or when installing the app.

On the basis of the aforementioned Italian Privacy Guarantor’s guidelines, our websites and apps use:

“Technical cookies”, that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website/app and/or to provide a service specifically requested by the user. This category of cookies includes Analytics used by the Data Controller to collect information, in aggregated form, on the number of users and on how they visit the website. The user’s permission is not required in order to use this type of cookie, unless the user expressly refuses it for one or all of the technical cookies (listed below):

“Profiling Cookies” owned by the company and/or by third parties, that is, cookies that could be intended for creating/adding information to the user’s profile and used to send and/or show advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the user while browsing the website. It is always necessary to obtain the user’s (voluntary) consent for this type of cookie. The user may choose which profiling or technical cookies such as fingerprinting/Clear GIF/profiling beacons to accept. With reference to third party cookies or technologies, that is, those installed/used on the website by parties other than the Data Controller, the user may give or decline consent directly to the owner of the cookie and/or the technology concerned, to which the Data Controller merely provides a link.

The following profiling/non technical and/or other technologies such as beacons/Clear GIF/fingerprinting are used:


Cookies can be enabled or disabled by the user through the selector.

If you disable the technical cookies, we may not be able to offer you all the services and features offered on the site.

Technical cookies
Analytical cookie
Third party profiling cookie

Cookies may also be managed/disabled through the browser settings.

For more information on how to manage cookie settings through your own internet browser, please consult the instructions applicable to your browser:

To refuse the use of profiling tools other than cookies (such as beacons/Clear GIF/fingerprinting, email trackers), please contact us via the Data Controller’s email address:
The use of other permanent cookies and session cookies (which are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and are deleted upon closing the browser) is strictly limited to transmitting session identification data (composed of random numbers generated by the server) required for the website to be browsed safely and correctly. The session cookies used by the website avoid resorting to other processing technologies that could compromise the user’s privacy while browsing and they do not enable personal data to be collected that could identify the user.


Other services
This site uses services provided by third parties that require the use of cookies:


Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses personal data to track and analyse site usage to create reports and share data with other Google tools. Google may use personal data to generate personalised advertising.
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Lead Champion (IntelligenceFocus Inc.)

Lead Champion is a lead generation service provided by IntelligenceFocus Inc.
Personal data collected: cookies, usage data and IP address
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