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The Digital Competitive Map has been extended to the world of contemporary fashion

The Digital Competitive Map, a unique tool to evaluate the digital positioning of leading fashion brands, has been extended to the world of contemporary fashion for the first time after five editions dedicated exclusively to the luxury sector.

The study by Netcomm and Contactlab, analyses 19 Italian labels, assessing 189 parameters which are then plotted on a chart with “Digital Strategic Reach” on the vertical axis and “Digital Customer Experience” on the horizontal axis.

The “Digital Strategic Reach” (vertical) axis covers strategic aspects: in how many countries and what e-commerce channels to sell through globally, with what breadth of range and what level of transparency about the products’ country of origin. The “Digital Customer Experience” (horizontal) axis, on the other hand, covers all aspects inherent to the quality and efficacy of the interaction between the brand and consumers, including website navigation, online purchase experience, direct and social media marketing, up to the cross-channel online and offline services offered.

The panel demonstrates significant abilities in website navigation and user experiences, social networking platform initiatives, including those that are purchase-related, and an advanced level of localisation in Europe and Russia.

Pinko, Furla and Patrizia Pepe came out as the leading Italian brands, amid a sample set that included Coccinelle, Falconeri, Liu Jo, Rinascimento, Geox, etc.

A summary of the report is available for download and includes an overview of the study’s main content and methodology. The Full version of the report is also available, complete with a noteworthy amount of additional content and extra materials.

Purchasing it will provide a unique, indispensable tool for monitoring the evolution of your brand’s performance.

The Full Report includes:

  • Over 200 pages of detailed analysis
  • Complete access to original data: 30 comparative analysis tables on 24 brands covering 189 parameters, for a total of 4,536 data points
  • The complete collection of website images and product pages
  • Complete email and chat conversations with the customer service representatives of analysed brands

If you are interested in purchasing the report, please write us at .

This offer is reserved to fashion and retail companies.



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