Create and manage advanced segments in your customer base to plan multi-channel campaigns for identified targets.




based on personal details, behavioural data and pre-defined KPIs


to select millions of contacts and events in near real-time


with an easy-to-use interface for all company functions


with external systems via Plugins and APIs


with the other products of the Contactlab Marketing Cloud


and multi-branch to manage up to the most complex organization

The challenge

Interaction with the brand must be personal and relevant to the context of the user. The challenge is to implement strategies and tools which allow the most significant clusters for the business to be identified based on the marketing and business goals and the content available, while monitoring the changes in customers’ behaviours over time.

The solution

Plan is the solution designed to facilitate the creation of advanced segments on the basis of behaviours and to independently plan marketing campaigns making relationships with customers more effective and relevant.

Product features

Advanced segmentation

Create segments based on personal details and behaviour of customers with regard to previous campaigns (send, open, click), and on-line and off-line purchases.

Contactplan advanced segmentation

Target audience on-the-fly

Freely build the target audience from the user interface using all data available and a set of ready-to-use rules to immediately create complex segments.

Contactplan target audience

Plan integrated campaigns

Plan how to use the target audience directly from the user interface: set the day, time and targets, and insert the content of the message. Or you can export the list of contacts selected thanks to the plug-ins and REST APIs available for integration with external platforms.

Contactplan integrated campaign

DND Policy

Set the rules for the Do Not Disturb policies and control the “pressure” levels on each individual contact.

Contactplan non disturbing policy

Closed loop

Using the Analytics and Scoring features of the Contactlab Marketing Cloud, you can identify specific KPIs for each user and use this information for new segmentations.

Contactplan analytics

Resources & Downloads

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