Contactone enables sales associates to establish long-term customer relationships, which are based on data regarding their preferences, behaviour and purchases. It provides sales associates with everything they need to create and manage effective clienteling with their customers.




create personal conversations between customer and sales associate through email, SMS and IM


provides management with visibility and control over what happens in-store


messages, content and templates are always up-to-date and synchronised with company guidelines


real-time access to up-to-date, integrated and usable customer profiles, to manage personalised communications content


designed to be simple and intuitive to use, enabling customer conversations to be independently managed

The challenge

Sales associates are engaging customers and collecting information already. But they do not have the required tools, guidelines and procedures to make all of this data readily useful and usable by brands… or truly meaningful in their relationships with customers. They manage conversations with personal tools. Brands cannot know what’s happening, or benefit from the precious feedback.

The solution

Contactone is the easy to use app that supports the in-store sales associate in creating and managing a long lasting, high value relationship with the customer. It guarantees the sales associate real-time access to selected customer data and pre-approved smart content to create tailored messages using email, SMS and instant messaging that combine prime content with customized items.

Contactone was conceived to meet the needs of the fashion & luxury e-retail sector, but it can also be successfully applied to any market where customer relationships are of the utmost importance, such as the banking, automobile and travel industries.
Contactone is a tool based on and fully integrated with Contactlab Engagement Marketing platform.

Product features

Complete data rich customer profile

Real-time access to up-to-date and usable customer data and events provide the sales associate with the full picture. Socio-demographic and behavioural data, together with the details of previous purchases, can further be enriched with information collected by the sales during in-store conversations.

Contactone rich customer profile

Branded content, product images and corporate news

All the information that a sales associate needs to nurture a conversation available on hand direct from the brand, or any other relevant channels.

Contactone branded content

Conversation center

Make direct relationships with the customer simple to manage locally. Manage one-to-one conversation via email, SMS and instant messaging by combining personalised elements with pre-approved and up-to-date prime content, all in the appropriate brand template.

Contactone conversation center

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