Collect user data, create and enrich single customer profiles, make the information available to all company levels, and personalize your consumer relationships.




collects and manages personal and behavioural data in one place in real time


easy to integrate into different applications thanks to a set of API REST


makes it easy to process data correctly according to the new GDPR legislation


with other Contactlab modules


the data received is sorted into different views, building comprehensive profiles


into your customer base and their behavior patterns

The challenge

Every day our customers connect with us in countless ways. Interactions often become an ever-growing and widely distributed patchwork of data. Information from different sources is not easy to integrate or link to a single contact, making it challenging, and costly, to get your hands on instantly actionable data as you manage your contacts.

The solution

Hub lets you collect and update consumer data and events from different sources in enriched single customer profiles in real time, easily accessible from all company systems. Helping you build more personalized relationships with your customers.

Product features

Single customer view

Build comprehensive profiles, synchronise data and keep track of all your customers’ activities on various data sources (website, CRM, e-Commerce, etc.), all in real time.

Contacthub user profile

Workflow automation

Profiles are automatically updated every time a new event occurs or every time the user switches from one segment to another. The change is also notified to third party systems such as to activate new actions towards the customer.

Contacthub customer actions

Data enrichment

Use a wide range of algorithms and predictive analytics to discover the characteristics and patterns of behavior in your customer base and anticipate future behaviors, including: profit predictions based on purchase behavior (CLV), top customers and consumers at risk of abandoning (RFM), engagement levels for digital communications and statistics for digital events.

Contactlab Data Enrichment

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