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Our platform for comprehensive digital and multi-channel marketing campaign management. Collect data, create segments based on user behaviour, devise customised marketing plans, generate one-to-one marketing messages, dream up direct digital marketing campaigns and automate the customer journey.



Our cloud platform built with scalable architecture, fully integrable with all the main online stores, sales cash management systems and CRM software via API. The easy-to-use interfaces requires zero prior technical knowledge yet makes sure you get the most value out of your customer database through the creation of customised, measurable contact plans.


User-friendly interface, immediate and efficient at all company levels


Personalised communications based on behaviours and events of individual users


A unique platform to manage your campaign and measure results


Simplifies GDPR compliance


Insights, KPIs and dashboards on your customer base in order to turn information into actions


The structure is based on state-of-the-art REST APIs to interact and work with other systems

Discover our platform

Collect data and register events for a comprehensive overview of your customers

A integrated overview of the customer

Collect, integrate and display data on your customers to have all useful information available to you and personalise relationships.

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Create advanced segments and plan your campaigns

Segmentation planning

Create and manage advanced segments in your customer base to plan multi-channel campaigns for identified targets.

Contactplan integrated campaign

Create and send personalised, multi-channel messages

Send multi-channel, personalised messages

Create dynamically responsive and personalised content, send your messages through various channels and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Contactsend user interface

Manage and automate your marketing actions

Communicate with every contact as if they were your only customer and create journeys based on their preferences and behaviors.

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Our easy-to-use clienteling app

The easy-to-use clienteling solution

Provide sales associates with everything they need to create and manage effective exchanges with their customers.

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