Digital marketing services

A team of experts in strategic, digital marketing and data analysis will be by your side as we work together to build your customer engagement strategy. Maximise the cross-channel profitability of your customers through digital direct marketing and get incredible results from your marketing campaigns. We’re here for you during every phase of the project, from systems integration to contact strategies up to the creation and delivery of multi-channel campaigns (email, SMS and instant messaging).

Digital strategy analysis

Our team of professionals is at your service to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and help you calculate the impact of your digital campaigns across all sales channels (e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail). We analyse how your users behave and the level of engagement within your customer database to identify, using predictive modelling, the most suitable customer journeys.

Data analysis

We offer different consultancy services to provide support in the adoption of a data-driven approach. Our team of data scientists and researchers will be at your side to help you identify data relationships through data analysis, pinpoint the most meaningful clusters, and collect and interpret consumer feedback while using predictive models to boost your results.

Multi-channel campaign management

Manage campaigns on your own or entrust our team with the task to maximise results and streamline management. The choice is up to you. We’re here to support you with art directors and copywriters for creative planning, HTML specialists for email marketing, and account and campaign managers for day-to-day project management, including in multiple countries.


The performance of an email marketing campaign depends, in part, on the brand’s email reputation. We’re precise and always on-time with the application of international best-practices in each industry, the ongoing monitoring of the use of advanced tools, and the querying and verification of email delivery, highlighting any potential critical issues and opportunities to improve your email reputation and deliverability.


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