Insighthub by Contactlab


Sign up to Insighthub to get your hands on an extract containing the key findings of the European+ Digital Behaviour Study 2016, the Contactlab report analysing the digital behaviour and online purchasing habits of internet users.

This comprehensive study looked at 6 European countries (Italy, the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland) and four metropolitan areas outside of Europe (Korea, and the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow and St Petersburg), conducting a thorough, scientific analysis of:

  • devices and the evolution of mobile
  • digital activity and levels of interactivity
  • social networking and brand influence
  • digital direct marketing
  • online shopping
  • the opportunities of click & collect
  • e-crossborder and export potential
  • profiles and habits

This year the report is enhanced by Contactlab’s proprietary indexes measuring users’ levels of online experience, the opportunities of engaging them through direct marketing, and their inclination and consumption of high end products.




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