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Digital Competitive Map 2017

The 5th edition of the Digital Competitive Map 2017 is out today, the report that extensively measures the level of multi-channel and digitization employed by the top international fashion & luxury brands.

This year the panel is composed of 32 brands, as Swatch and Ray-Ban are now included in the analysis. The structure of the map has been reviewed and significantly updated: there are now almost double the number of evaluation parameters compared to the previous edition, and special attention has been paid to the effort to localize content and customer engagement strategies.

The Standard Report, published in collaboration with Exane BNP Paribas, includes an overview of main research results. This year we have introduced the Premium version of the Digital Competitive Map 2017, which is a significant extension of the standard report published in collaboration with Exane BNP Paribas.

If you buy the Premium report you get a unique, indispensable tool to monitor the digital evolution of 32 major players in the Fashion & Luxury industry, plus the possibility to analyze how your brand performs on the Digital Customer Experience offered to customers.

  • Over 300 pages of in-depth analysis
  • Full access to the row data: 35 tables, comparing the 32 brands in the panel on 146 digital parameters, for a total of 4672 data points
  • A complete collection of screenshots from websites and product pages
  • Full script of the conversations with customer service via live chat and email
  • The option to analyze up to 3 brands of choice not already included in the panel on the 146 parameters of the Digital Competitive Map.

Fill in the form to download an excerpt of the premium version, including the positioning map 2017, the key findings, and the table of contents of what you could access if you purchase the full report.

If you are interested in purchasing the premium version, please write to This offer is available exclusively to fashion and retail brands.

Premium Report

What you get Full Pack Bronze Full Pack Silver Full Pack Gold
Full deck Digital Competitive Map 2017:

  • Key finding e slide deck with over 300 pages of in-depth analysis
  • 35 analysis tables (in excel)
  • Archive of web images (desktop and mobile) and product pages
  • Conversations with customer service on live chat, email, Twitter e Facebook
  • Table comparing customer care telephone services
Analyses of additional brand(s) not included in the DCM17 1 brand 3 brands
Total** 4.000 euro
6.000 euro
9.000 euro

*The analysis of your own brand is based on the 146 standard parameters and 18 criteria of the Digital Competitive Map. When requesting a performance analysis with regards the Digital Customer Experience Proficiency axis, your brand can select either the US (used to map the experience performance of the panel), Italian, French, or UK market.

** In case of a group or holding company, please note the cost of the full report refers to each brand mapped.



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