Marketing automation

Communicate with every contact as if they were your only customer and create journeys based on their preferences and behaviors. Manage and automate your marketing actions with the marketing automation module on the Contactlab platform.




manage the journey for each contact from one place


monitor how automation is performing in real time


differentiate journeys based on how your contacts respond


with other modules on the Contactlab Marketing Cloud

The challenge

Each of your contacts have different behaviors and contact preferences. Managing each one individually based on their habits across multiple channels is complex. And creating ad hoc journeys manually almost impossible.

The solution

The automation module on the Contactlab platform lets you take automated actions on your choice of channels based on the behavior of each contact, monitor how automation is performing and communicate with each contact as if they were your only customer.

Product features

Define the inclusion criteria for automation

Define the events that trigger a contact to be included (or excluded) from an automation, e.g. abandoned cart. Alternatively, create a cluster of users within a determined segment in the platform, e.g. customers who have not purchased in more than 3 months but who have read at least one email in the past 2 weeks. You can also insert clusters of users created by external systems thanks to API.

Contactlab | Marketing Automation | Cluster definition

Create automated journeys

Make strategy decisions and design cross-channel journeys for each of your contacts, based on their specific behavior, treating them as if they were your only customer.

Contactlab | Marketing Automation | Customer journey

Manage multi-channel journeys

Decide on which channel and which contact you want to interact with your contacts: email, SMS, Facebook Custom Audience or custom integrations with other systems. Each automation can be sent immediately or scheduled for a certain date, and it can be hidden manually or at a pre-established date.

Contactlab | Marketing Automation | Multichannel

Monitor performance

See aggregated and detailed breakdowns of every automation in real time, including feedback from emails sent automatically. Reports can be downloaded in CSV format with aggregated and detailed breakdowns of information.

Contactlab | Marketing Automation | Reports



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