Launching the Contactlab Marketing Cloud: the customer experience is becoming more personal through machine learning and a human touch


The Contactlab platform just got supercharged thanks to the addition of new technology and a brand-new platform structure. Revealed at the latest Contactlab Conference, our platform blends human interaction with digital solutions for better contact strategies.


Personal communications, in real time and with the guidance of Artificial Intelligence: these are the three pillars on which the Contactlab Marketing Cloud is founded.


Every user generates data and information that companies need to know, analyse and manage. In the era of big data, delivering relevant, interesting messages to users across every channel they use is a fundamental component. We created Contactlab Marketing for this reason – the cloud platform helps to improve the quality of customer interactions, increasing their value and helping to drive conversions.


Through personal communications, in real time and with the guidance of Artificial Intelligence, the Contactlab platform allows companies to learn more about their users if they so wish, delivering more efficient messages anywhere, any time, converting them to customers.


Knowledge, automation, customisation and analysis are the keywords that set the Contactlab Marketing Cloud apart: recognising them, integrating them, taking interest in them and understanding them. By collecting data from each user we can predict behavioural patterns and interact with them in accordance with their needs, via the most effective channels and at the most appropriate time. After the content is conveyed via a one-to-one multi-channel dialogue, campaign engagement and impact can be analysed, with the resulting data helping to enrich user profiles for even better results in future.


The Contactlab Marketing Cloud supplies a comprehensive technology kit, including:



  • Data collection and integration via both digital and physical channels
  • Algorithms for predicting behavioural patterns
  • Integration with contextual data, such as the geographical area to which customers belong and their currency
  • Segments created in real time



  • Customer-interaction paths guided by behaviours across multiple channels
  • Real-time reaction to customer behaviours, e.g. when discounts are offered or suggestions when conversions are incomplete
  • Activation of the most effective channel at the right time



  • Personal communications enacted through recommendation/review tools
  • Empowering of assets, such as product catalogues, news and social media feeds
  • Multi-channel one-to-one dialogue, via email, chat and social networks



  • Impact of campaigns on sales
  • Level of engagement plus actual and potential value of customers
  • Analysis of trends and metrics that are important to the business


An additional solution: the ‘human touch’

In addition to the above, we offer integrated marketing services, which are entrusted to a large group of highly qualified professionals, divided into expert teams across various vertical markets. This structure, named ‘Customer Success’, supports customers according to their specific customer-engagement needs and also on the operational level, both in the execution of campaigns and during the set-up and integration of technological components. Integrated digital marketing services have become essential for providing brands with solutions that are highly customisable, as well as behavioural analyses that fit the current digital marketing environment, in which it is becoming increasingly important to collect, interpret and employ large quantities of data, and integrate software architectures into third-party systems. Management and customer relations should not be left to the machine: only personal contact can complement the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, by adapting them to the individual customer.


Want to learn more about the Contactlab Marketing Cloud? Visit the updated Explore website for in-depth information about the platform.


The videos from the Contactlab Conference sessions are available.

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