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Contacthub in action!
Contacthub gives you an integrated view of your consumer, conducts advanced data analysis and gives way to more effective marketing campaigns that transfer value.
Watch the “Maison Contactlab” DEMO to discover all the solution can do.

Read the guide and FAQ

Our product description answers any questions you might have about the functional characteristics and technical specifications of Contacthub.
Read the guide, consult the FAQ, and access the support area for developers.

Reach out to our experts

Contacthub is part of the Contactlab Engagement Marketing platform and can be easily integrated into your infrastructure.
Get in touch to tell us about your requirements and find out more.

Watch our webinar*

Watch the webinar held on 8 March 2017 and discover just how Contacthub can help you build unique user profiles in real time.
*in Italian

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