Why us

Our unique blend of technology, services and expertise
enables brands to connect with consumers everywhere

About us

Since 1998 we’ve been providing products and services that enable brands to get the most out of their customer engagement strategies.
Our Marketing Cloud platform extend our market-leading multi-channel messaging solution with a suite of new proprietary products that enable you to collect and analyse consumers’ actions (digital and off-line), segment and plan your campaigns, and deliver personalised communication so that you can build a one-to-one relationship with your customers.
Our experts support you to get the most from technology by building customer engagement programs that make your projects success stories.

Our key differentiators


An Italian boutique with long-term experience of international projects in the digital direct field


Secure and consolidated technology in order to guarantee the utmost reliability and scalability


Digital direct marketing experts specialized in fashion, retail, travel, and no-profit


A data-driven approach to identify actionable insights from all your data and develop an effective dialogue with customers


A specific team dedicated to your needs: from system integration to campaign management


Investments in research and development of our products

Our vision  

At Contactlab we believe in unique experiences, in technology that is open, integrated, and enabled by the human factor, and in the value of digital as a strategic business asset.

We transform your messages into relevant and engaging experiences that turn into long-lasting relationships.

Our approach

Our brand is synonymous with heightened security, reliability, and scalability standards and is a guarantee of support in all of your strategic and operative needs.

We offer you a set of products and services to run dynamic and personalised digital direct marketing programs that impact on business.

The Management

Massimo Fubini

CEO & Founder

Mr Fubini founded Contactlab, the first Italian ESP, in 1998. An entrepreneur since the age of 25, today he is a leading light of the Italian digital business world.

Giuliana Mancusi

HR Director

With over 20 years’ experience in various sectors, Mrs Mancusi, along with her team, is responsible for people management, recruitment and selection, and the professional development of human resources in Contactlab. She is also responsible for internal communication and promoting values and corporate culture among the employees.

Stefano Tedesco

Chief Financial Officer

Stefano has a deep international experience in Finance and Administration.
In Contactlab he’s responsible for planning and execution of financial activities, risk management, tracking and monitor of business performance.

Industry Associations

Our network, enabling us to share, exchance and leverage the experience of some of the sector’s most important international players.

We are members of the primary associations representing the digital marketing ecosystem:


Trust & Privacy

Our approach is privacy compliant by definition. Our servers, the information gathered, and the processes generated by that information remain within the European Union, specifically on the BT Italia Campus, at Settimo Milanese and in Amsterdam. We are members of the primary world organizations working to ensure the pertinence and the best practices of digital direct communications:


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