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WeChat opens the doors to Chinese consumers: how to engage them

25 July 2016

China is a fertile place for luxury brands having an increasing number of rich people in the next five years: 1/3 of the overall worldwide class (Prometeia,2016). It is the first ecommerce in the world with an online sales growth of 20% vs a 6% on the offline channel. A country with a unique scenario in terms of social: 90% market share, 800 M active users and 16 Bn of page views every day (Netcomm,2016).
The widespread of digital platforms creates a peculiar ecosystem based on a strong online and offline integration. Moreover, new cross-border ecommerce policies favor the demand for foreigners’ products. In other words, an important example to understand future omnichannel strategies and a great opportunity for luxury/fashion companies. Thus, how can brands reach a valuable position among Chinese consumers?

Today, the most powerful way to be in touch with Chinese consumers is WeChat. This is the biggest social network in China: 90% smartphone penetration and 702 million active users. Chinese manage many different daily activities with it as: browsing and posting on Moments, sharing information (image, video, etc.), reading news on official accounts, sending/receiving money (i.e. Red Pocket), paying bills, buying food, reserving a restaurant, booking a taxi, gaming and checking flights. It is not only a messaging APP, it is an all-in-one interface that it includes also social medias and b2c services.

WeChat allows brands to constantly communicate with consumers online. They are engaged through mini-games, product presentations, focus on hot-topic as the Made In and activities in the store. WeChat offers also e-commerce solutions, customer care integration (assistance 1 to 1 via chat with an average attendance time of 20 seconds).
Yes! This is the WeChat world. A place where your brands meet Chinese consumers. Looking at the Digital IQ Index, Burberry, Coach, and Cartier have the best digital strategies in China. For instance, since 2014, Burberry has created a collaboration with WeChat to leverage on specific functionalities and responsive contents. The following is one of the most meaningful personalizing example done to support the Burberry London to Shanghai event. Here, this innovative journey between the two metropolises.

WeChat revolutionizes Chinese habits regarding their online experience and, in the meanwhile, their offline way of living. Do we have to take into consideration this model for the next strategies in the landscape of the digital customer generation?

25 July 2016
Author Eleonora Veglianti Digital Analyst
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