Tod’s digital direct marketing campaigns: fashion association, fashion potential

18 July 2017

Long ago was the time when one plus one equals two. Nowadays, with social media evolving frenetically one plus one equals an infinity set of options such as likes, comments, shares, emotions and so on. With Tod’s digital direct marketing campaigns, customer engagement goes beyond a simple equation. The traditional handcraft Italian luxury leather brand has understood the concept and during the past few months, just to name a few, Tod’s has allied with brands and celebrities such as Ferrari, Saira Hunjan, Suki Waterhouse, Chrystal Soo Jung, for the release of its hand-made leather products such as shoes and bags.


Of course, who does not know Ferrari worldwide as the exclusive car racing Italian trademark with its famous symbol, the prancing horse, and its emblematic red? Who amongst the Indian culture does not know the revolutionary tattooist Saira Hunjan? Who is unaware of the work done by the English actress, model and entrepreneur Suki Waterhouse? And if you are from South Korea you are probably a fan of the singer and actress Chrystal Soo Jung, aka, Kyrstal. So in this short list, at least four trademarks and icons were allies of Tod’s for its last product launches, what meant more diffusion, more brand awareness, more social virality and more niche penetration amongst different countries and cultures, especially for those that were maybe uncertain of buying, following or even liking the brand.


For all of these campaigns, Tod’s has relied its digital direct communications on ContactSend, our multi-channel sending platform that manages digital marketing campaigns. An easy-to-use, user-friendly and trustworthy tool that allows to deliver cross channel communications efficiently. For the worldwide campaign “Tod’s for Ferrari”, 17 countries were involved, in 10 different languages, creating segments that enabled Tod’s to classify its audiences competently. Not to mention the product itself, the exclusive handmade leather loafers with the iconic prancing horse on them.



Tod's comarketing Ferrari

Tod’s comarketing with Ferrari


For the campaign “Tod’s Tattoo” the approach was to target a more youthful spirit and that’s why the customer engagement was performed via the Indian tattooist Saira Hunjan and the English model Suki Waterhouse. Aiming a revolutionary, independent, cross country consumer, the identified audience was targeted to manage directly the digital messaging for tattooed moccasins and leather bags. With the premise “Limited Edition”, fans and trademark lovers went nuts about it.


Tod's comarketing Tattoo


Last but not least, the campaign “Krystal Italian Diaries” blended the South Korean singer with the iconic Italian leather handbag “Double T” from Tod’s. The marketing strategy was designed to bring together the Italian roots of the brand with the Asian heritage, well represented by Krystal. Moreover, through the naming of the campaign, a storytelling was planned on how it is to travel in luxury through Europe, without leaving a fresh style behind. In this case too, Tod’s employed the online multichannel sending platform to convey the communication through dynamically responsive and personalized content, that also enables to monitor campaign performances.


Tod's comarketing with Krystal

Tod’s comarketing with Krystal

18 July 2017
Author Carolina Laruccia Fashion Luxury Account Manager
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