How do we speak when we speak about luxury?

14 April 2016

According to many studies and researches, the users who are involved in a CRM dialogue with luxury brands purchase 20-25% more than those who are not contacted via digital channels.

It is a fact that to be visible and relevant, digital is a very important channel for building and promoting a brand and luxury brands cannot exclude digital media engagement.
In luxury branding imagery usually takes a predominant position at the expense of words, actually because they need to instill a feeling of exclusivity. However, every brand needs words, luxury brand included, especially when they are trying to engage users via digital communication.
We highlighted 3 examples of brands with a very different tone of voice that took advantage to the words to add value to the message. Let’s take a look at these examples.

Introducing the new watch collection, Chanel plays with the ambiguity of the name BOYFRIEND and creates a playful message very teasing and engaging. Playful tone of voice is a good way to engage a refined, cultured target with a sense of irony.

On the other hand, Tiffany and Co. marks the 130 celebration of the iconic engagement ring with an emotional tone of voice and a good use of storytelling. The message is split in two parts and in the second the tone of voice changes becoming more informative.

Another example comes from Mulberry. The renowned fashion brand introduces a few items of the new collection using an editorial style. The message is very descriptive and each word is carefully choosen to enhance the exquisite features of every item.

It would be interesting to see if these messages are diversified by target and what is the best approach to reach the right target.
Matching words and images in a playful and innovative way should stimulate and surprise users. Do not be afraid to try something different maintaining your own identity at the same time. You can risk just to reach a target more distant.

Examples of celebration emails

Examples of celebration emails

14 April 2016
Author Manuela Armanno Senior copywriter
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