Snapchat sets new rules in the fashion game!

2 May 2016

Snapchat turned into a phenomenon in the social media context. It has over 100 million daily active users. About 60% of them are between 18 and 30 years old. What’s more those users are actively engaged in the content that they are following. The fashion world is surely taking notice of that. More and more fashion magazines, editors, designers and brands create Snapchat accounts so that they can keep their audience posted.

What’s important here is that the target is changing. In order to increase revenues, companies have few options, two being either demographic or geographic expansion. Snapchat is the perfect instrument to lower the age range of the target customers. The manner in which it creates hype around certain events and new product launches is a great way of a mobile storytelling, which captures the attention of young audience and provokes interest in a really innovative way. What makes Snapchat so suitable for the world of fashion and luxury, is that it creates the sense of exclusivity. Makes it suitable also for the marketing context because it captures special short and informal moments, shares special offers and limited editions, informs on flash sales and special events, and shows what happens behind the scenes. What is interesting though is the fact that Snapchat might become the tool which invades the traditional marketing rules. One reason being – there is no need for long term planning of campaigns. Brands like Burberry just let customers have a sneak peak at what is to be part of their world. Dior recently gave the unique possibility to take a close look to their “The Art of Falling Apart” 2016/17 Winter Collection in Hong Kong – fitting, show, after party included!

All that I want to say is that a loyal customer becomes one, who feels involved and familiar with the brand he or she adheres to. Snapchat happens to be a handy tool for engaging the audience and if utilized correctly could become quite powerful.

2 May 2016
Author Editorial staff


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