The more segmented, the merrier and personal

22 June 2016

It’s time now for marketers to exploit all the benefits of an advanced segmentation in the digital communication process with their audience. A must: it’s basic to receive a communication properly related to your gender with related images, but let’s step forward to find more out of it.

To make it possible, segmentation is based on a mix of data and content: once you have the first ones, you can create your own communication ecosystem to be truly relevant. Collect the right data and collect them in the right way is a matter of technological commodity and strategic approach. Start with thinking of the fields in your registration process and assure you are collecting some essential socio-demographic information. More than gender, start collecting information about the person himself/herself; if you are not sure to have all the details, you can always ask them!

Make it possible to have the data stored in a wharehouse, centralize all the related information and pick the insights in the easiest way, thanks to analytical tools. You will know always better your customers.

Everybody today expect to be recognized and that you always know in which phase of the purchase process he/she is. How can you gain this? Think behavioural. Check out who they are and what they did to identify which kind of customers you are facing. Some activities can be clusterized and show common paths along the journey. Some actions can be categorized and included in frameworks that make you re-think the workflow from A to Z.

The content: here we are with another crucial issue. I’m sure about your effort to be creative, surprising, effective. Now the thing is: would you also like to be personal? Make your campaigns get straight at the heart of your consumers’ desire because your approach is centred on their needs. And build messages related to a specific need in that specific moment. Dynamic contents can be the way: thanks to behavioural data integrated with transactional data you will always know what fits the best and make it available personally. But you need to be able in fishing in the data lake first. And rely on different sources of contents to make them be always fresh and contextual and show the proper offer for each person.

It’s time to make it become true with a wider approach, it’s a shame not to exploit all the potential we recently met thanks to the digital (r)evolution. In the Fashion&Luxury landscape only few brands are managing segmentation. The analysis by Contactlab highlights the level of segmentation in the recent publication The Dawn of Luxury CRM – E-mail dos and don’tsby Contactlab-Exane BNP Paribas. It is analyzed current email practice in the industry of fashion-luxury: among the 30 top brands only a few differentiate the content by gender. Even less do it frequently (Bottega Veneta, Dior, Balenciaga, D&G, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s). And this is the first stage, it’s crucial to change approach to survive in the competition of seeking for users’ attention.

Email does and donts

Are you ready for this? When the road seems long it’s hard to see the destination.

Don’t be afraid of testing & learning, don’t be shame in using your data. Your clients give them to you and want to have a benefit out of it: be recognized first and afford on a 1to1 relation with your brand to make it longlasting. That’s why make it personal is the new black.

22 June 2016
Author Federica Digiorgio Marketing Program Manager
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