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Get in Touch with Potential Customers Through WeChat Moments Ads

19 September 2016

In “WeChat Opens the Doors to Chinese Consumers: How to Engage Them”, we have analysed how important for brands to present on WeChat.

China is a challenging but important market for most of the brands, it is hard for people who don’t know the local market to survive. Lots of foreign brands, especially luxury brands are very cautious in stepping into the e-commerce and social media promotion in China, which makes them still behind most of the local brands, with respect to contents and strategies. Besides, since newsletters, email services are not very popular in China, brands lost a powerful way to find and get in touch with the relevant customers.

Therefore, here comes WeChat, one of the most powerful and inclusive social media in China, which you have to deep dive into it!

Apart from opening an official account to get in touch with your customers, there are some other options for you to take into consideration.

One of the most powerful ways is WeChat Advertisements. Currently there are two types of WeChat ads, one is the WeChat Moments Ads, in the Moments section, which is similar to Facebook Feeds, the other type is including the selective ads within the posts.

In this article, we are going to focus on the “WeChat Moments Ads” section.

According to data, there are over 760 million monthly active users of WeChat by Q1, 2016, and more than 60% of users check WeChat Moments every time they open WeChat. (WeChat impact report 2016: all the latest WeChat data).

With this huge potential, in the beginning of 2015, WeChat launched WeChat Moments Ads, involving 25 brands from different industries to participate in the first testing ad campaign, which was a big success.

The two main benefits of WeChat Moments Ads are:

  • Get more relevant followers – It gives brands the amazing opportunities to reach the potential users, according to the location, interest, age, gender etc.
  • Gain more exposure – Help brands to promote the business activities, by using multimedia (pictures, video, links, QR Code) presenting in the “moments”, having the chance to make the contents more interesting and interactive.

WeChat Moments ads

WeChat Moments Ads

Here is the example of one WeChat Moments Ads, composed by 6 main parts:

  • Brand name and profile picture;
  • Up to 40-character ad text;
  • Link to HTML 5 webpage which is hosted on Tencent’s server;
  • Up to 6 pictures or 1 video;
  • Sponsor label;
  • “Like” or “Comment” options; (Only can be seen by the users’ friends, which will add more engagement, and the ads will be more likely to be seen)

Keep an eye on our next articles about some best practices of WeChat Moment Ads!

19 September 2016
Author Kuiling Song Junior Digital Analyst
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