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La Prairie promotes its products showing a glimpse of art on social media

13 June 2017

When you think of fashion…what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Clothes, obviously. And shoes, of course! But what about skincare? Isn’t it a vital part of your daily routine such as opening your wardrobe and choosing what to wear? When you wake up, one of the first things you do is wash your face and brush your teeth. And probably when you go to sleep as well.


Well there’s a lot more to fashion luxury beauty routines that goes beyond ordinary skincare, and this is the industry segment where La Prairie (, one of Contactlab’s Beauty Fashion Luxury clients, spread its offer dedicated to people that pay attention to the evolution of their skin and its prevention with high-end products. The Swiss brand created a cross-pollination campaign around digital and physical channels for the latest release of the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion. This serum consists of a brightening infusion that targets not only age spots and redness, but grayness as well for a radiant, flawless and luminous complexion. The benefits are visible after four weeks of use to a youthful and luminous skin that helps diminish the signs of tiredness and stress, caused both from pollution and overwork.


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La Prairie’s website

Beyond the promise, La Prairie relies on its long lasting reputation, history, research and sophisticated products such as caviar pearl, that proof the results women are looking for. The essence of this product is the science of light as an anti-age ally. Illumination as an abstract concept not only helps to set a scenic mood, but it also conveys an idea and creates an atmosphere. In relation to skin, the more luminosity it has, the less tired and aging you look. Light is synonym of youth and that’s why La Prairie employs pearl powder in its formula and active ingredients to a younger-looking skin.


instagram profile la prairie

Instagram profile La Prairie


To empower its release the Swiss company not only launched an artistic revamp of its Instagram account (with the standpoint of six Swiss artists that were asked to interpret what light meant to them) but it also developed a worldwide campaign that includes the use ContactSend, ourmulti-channel sending platform that manages digital direct marketing campaigns. The practicality of this tool relies on its analytical feature that enables La Prairie to track and monitor the performance of its campaigns. Besides, the tool also allows the client to setup behavioural parameters in order to filter user by countries, products, gender and tags for special events, if so.


The email marketing campaign together with its online social network strategy, is an antechamber of the contemporary art fair Art Basel to be held in Basel, Switzerland, running from June 15th to 18th, where La Prairie will host worldwide visitors to try its products and pamper them with treatments at the VIP Art Collectors Lounge. The brand’s workaround – rather than pushing only onproduct content posts – was offering them a glimpse of art. A catchy, classy and elegant tactic to a very specific niche of customers where luxury skincare is at its center.


13 June 2017
Author Carolina Laruccia Fashion Luxury Account Manager
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