Imaginary in fashion

The sense of imaginary in digital for fashion

28 July 2016

We are expression of the “culture of images”; we are creators of images ourselves when obsessed of collecting every moment and freeze each of them. Also because of this, we are stunned by photos, spread on several social networks. Let’s talk about how an image move into an imaginary. Fashion taught us that a photo is icon, is value, is poetry, is a punch, is beauty … is something else conveying a message included in the show of products. Since the beginning, fashion is related to the images and photographers started to be interested in fashion since early stages of the last century.

Every cultural decade has its own paradigm and fashion has its own creators of imaginary: fashion and photography are strongly connected. Both of them are related to time frame: the first create a visual, the second collect and express it. Not only products, not only accessories: a cultural scene of the Time we live in, a style able to create a state of mind. I.e. you will remember William Klein who brought catwalks in the streets, or Oliviero Toscani when created a new language based on disruption and experimentation.
Fashion images are the mirror of society.

It is time of storytelling and images need to be fast; brands need to develop a strategy to keep high the attention of the consumers. Images in fashion are fast-consumed: they need to be fresh, actual, immediate and they are rarely long-lasting. A new collection to come means a new imagination to build thanks to emotions.
Some images show a new way of telling about products: still-life can offer a wide view on items when organized in composition. Now fashion is told by blogger and Instagrammers too, and they love to create perfect still-life of clothes, accessories and so on.

The photography of fashion aim to captures several perspectives necessary to engage audiences around the world. It has to be persuasive, it has to use objects and make them a message, a shape and a cultural frame.
Turn ideas into images; turn images into a concept. And make them become a story full of sense.

28 July 2016
Author Federica Digiorgio Marketing Program Manager
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