Gucci Personalization

How Gucci changed its own rules of the fashion personalization

14 July 2016

Talking about Fashion personalization, everybody got pretty mad when Gucci has launched the new DIY (Do It Yourself) service last 25th May in Milan, at the Gucci flagship store on via Montenapoleone.
From New York to Tokyo every Gucci fan will want to customize her Dionysus bag with embroidery, patches, trims, hardware and monograms.


An example of the different ways to personalize a Gucci bag

They can also personalize the DionysuTop Handle bag by color, material and other details.


Personalized Gucci bags

Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele said about DIY fashion personalization “this service is a way to express the philosophy of how the clothing worn by a person represents how they feel“.
DIY, indeed, is an easy way for Gucci to include consumers into the design process allowing them to give their preferences to the end result. In these days Gucci announces the second phase of its new DIY service, launching an extensive program of customizable menswear, unisex jackets and shoes for men and women.

But the “Freedom Philosophy” of Gucci linked to fashion style doesn’t stop here.
Alessandro Michele wanted to extend to artists from all the world the invite to use Gucci’s patterns and signature design to create new artistic works. With #GucciGram he introduced a new way to use digital media, encouraging the artists to take different approaches to Instagram. While artists give their own interpretations of Gucci’s new prints and patterns through #GucciGram, we can draw inspiration from their works.
From the inbox to social networks to the boutiques, for the first time ever Gucci introduces a very innovative way to create a cross-channel engagement.

Luxury is a matter of exclusivity and nowadays it is not enough to buy an accessory or a luxury item to experience that sense of exclusivity and privilege which many people are looking for.
Personalization is the new mantra, it is the key to enter into an exclusive world because the real luxury is not only to have that expensive good but having that good specifically created for me.

14 July 2016
Author Manuela Armanno Senior copywriter
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