A glimpse at the new trend in tech and fashion

A glimpse at the most relevant trends by LVR Summit

23 January 2017

What’s up in the digital tech for fashion?
A summary of main trends seen on LuisaViaRoma Fashion&Technology Summit and IAB Seminar this January in Florence that you can turn into useful advice.

Mobile first
Small screens need relevance: always keep in mind. Mobile rules, go vertical.

Users don’t want to be seen all the same, treat them differently by showing what they really want to see.


  • Presentation of products should be clear, linear and easy to manage: optimize layout of category pages and reduce the general amount on the basis of how many will users truly see
  • Show product by category page personalization for a more relevant experience: choose the right layout per each visitor and personalize the sorting order of category pages
  • Optimize product pages to reduce bounce thanks to UX experimentation, dynamic recommendation layouts, data

The topic is more complex than previously: the amount of followers is not the main indicator. Mix up an analysis of types (journalist, blogger, social influencer, power user…), the aim of engagement (data/survey, business/sell, awareness, reputation), the characteristics of the person (sensitive to a topic, CV, personal information, content management, audience), and the frequency of publishing.

Model of attribution
A mix of two items: data underlying the customer’s path to conversion, and the model that you choose to apply to the data. The resulting outcome from combining these two is attribution, which leads you to the true results of your campaign and which tactics deserve conversion credit.

Luxury Good Take-aways
From the last Bain & Company Altagamma Summit 15th edition – 2016, in the speech by Peuterey.

  • Simplicity is key
  • Authenticity, sustainability, wellness and travel are the key values seeked by millenials
  • See now, wear now, buy now revolution
  • Focus on icon to strengthen the brand identity
  • An icon brand is a widely known symbol, an intensive brand that carries powerful universal values making it instantly recognizable
  • 4 steps to turn a brand into an icon brand
    to be loyal to the brand’s purpose;
    to identify a visual element in the brand/collection;
    to be both authentic and modern at the same time;
    to be focused

According to Nielsen, forecast digital advertising +8.2%, in fashion +13.7%: fashion brands are mainly using YouTube.

The concept of digital empathy
The brilliant speech by Holition opens up the conversation in a new perspective: empathy.
Thanks to the empathy model by Pezeshki 2016 we can read the relation between brands and users in a logic of digital empathy, that is a miscellanea of all the elements of interactions: journey focused innovation, proactive decision making, contextual interactivity, single views of data, cross functional teams, CSR and transparency, seamless cx, stakeholder dialogue, operating within a digital ecosystem, UX mapping and optimization, iterating the balance of tech and human, effective integration, demand based manufacturing, co-creation and customization. In a surround based of scarcity of time, attention and trust, the quest of authenticity is crucial: today’s customers are individual, involved, independent and informed. The themes of digital empathy relate to bespoke algorithms, webship, dynamic ai design, third space storytelling, here and now, being real and going live. The challenges are: measurability, fear, security risks, monologue/too much push marketing, noise. And again: understanding and skills, screens, overstimulation/technology addiction, silos, non-collaboration.

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23 January 2017
Author Federica Digiorgio Marketing Program Manager
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