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2 October 2017

Coltorti’s newsletters prove that less is more. Less wording, more imagery. Less content, more impact. The purpose is not to overwhelm the reader, but to convey a simple message inviting the customer to shop online. Coltorti is an international fashion luxury retail brand with over 80 years of experience, 6 worldwide boutiques and 110 brands in their portfolio. Convinced that within the fashion luxury business everything evolves quickly towards the digital system, Coltorti expands their shopping experience to their online network as a non-conventional space tempting clients with new stimulus and experiences.


Such vision and marketing strategy was clearly a success, since during 2016 Coltorti got a sales volume of 44 million of euros uniting both efforts of selling not only through their physical boutiques, but through their ecommerce as well. As society tends to evolve to the digital ecosystem, Coltorti envisions a shopping experience on the online world where they can take advantage of digital users that expect to buy fashion in a single place, with the latest releases, fresh launches and with discounts too.


Each month Coltorti neatly organizes a short but straightforward newsletter named “Style Is Now” with information and discounts on major brands such as Burberry’s, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Moncler, Prada, Valentino, amongst others, that catch the customer’s attention with new items, discounts and special occasions to shop online. Treated as a one-stop-shop for online shopping, Coltorti’s ecommerce reunites high fashion luxury items that if visited separately, would take the client a lot more time to shop. Such emailing newsletters are built with Pagebuilder, a flexible tool of Contactlab multichannel sending platform Contactsend that offers the possibility of creating a visual display without having the back-end knowledge of coding or HTML configuration.



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Pagebuilder is based on blocks or sections that operate as a puzzle, where the company can employ such as many blocks as they want to in order to create a newsletter and convey a message. The more sections Pagebuilder has, the longer the newsletter will be with different content such as text and images, which can, at the same time be customized by duplication or deletion. Coltorti went for Pagebuilder as an emailing solution since without having any knowledge of HTML language, the tool allows you to customize your template, edit each section, duplicate or hide each element with excellent quality code standards.


This solution proves that design and coding can be tackled from a different angle, even for fashion luxury business companies that want to deliver a message or marketing campaign, without spending too much time and without investing on HTML development, saving hours of time and being equally effective.


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2 October 2017
Author Carolina Laruccia Fashion Luxury Account Manager
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