Clienteling: how to personalize the in-store relationship with Contactone

20 June 2017

It all started a few years ago when Massimo Fubini and Marco Pozzi, respectively CEO and Senior Advisor of our company Contactlab, had the chance to experience and analyse how a Spanish luxury boutique dealt with their customers. By mapping the offline purchasing habits of their customers and matching them with the relation between them and the brand’s sales associates, something unveiled. The use of Instant Messaging to personalize the conversation with the client before and after its visit in store increased the opportunity to open up better conversations, in a true one to one way of communicating.


When connected online, who is my customer? Sales associates know exactly who their customers are, who are they buying for and their behaviours. The brand, for its part, owns other pieces of informations, such as their purchasing history online, and their socio-demo profile. So let’s say it deals with a personal relation, where the profile of the customer is based on unstructured information kept (often secretly) by the sales assistants. The brand can’t see nor access this secret world.


Contactlab have launched Contactone, the clienteling solution which enables in-store sales associates to create a highly personalised digital relationship with customers before, during and after their visit to the shop through a mobile device.
The shift is in the ownership of information: from a private point of view to a shared – and more complete – one.


To empower sales assistant brand offers an official communication tool, which is highly customizable with product-related contents, style advice, images, and so on. More than this, the sales assistant can relate to their customers via email, sms and IM with an integrated system where not only the chat is available, but all the enriched information of customer’s actions towards the brand (socio-demo information and behaviours related to multi-channel purchase history). All this is possible via the clienteling solution by Contactlab: all the information by the brand are freshly available on a mobile device.


Does a personal relation impact on the final choice (and purchase)? We believe so. Watch how this is facilitated, still personal and digital.

Contactone for clienteling


The very first presentation of Contactone towards major Fashion&Luxury brands was organized during an exclusive night: thanks to an overview of the product background and a live demo, in a reserved room with a selection of C-Levels and managers, together with our CEO and Founder Massimo Fubini, guests had the chance to discover one of the few clienteling system in Europe that allows sales assistants to communicate with customers via instant messaging.


20 June 2017
Author Federica Digiorgio Marketing Program Manager
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