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F is for… about branded content for fashion

16 March 2017

Fendi is breaking the rules with a brand new digital project of branded content named ‘F is For…’, to catch the attention of new generations by talking their language: strong, fuzzy, colorful, fresh, direct.
What kind of experience are young looking for? Something fashionable and unique. Something remarkable. Something unusual. Something immediate. During NY Fashion Week Fendi shows its cultural background in something disruptive. What is F is for…? And what does it mean?

F is for…

  • Freaks (the tribe)
  • Fulgore (the new fashion)
  • Faces (the cool people)
  • Freedom (across every experience)
  • Fearless (in a revolutionary mood)

The digital project is a new way to communicate and to relate with ‘millennials’ through words, videos and images shot with smartphone. In this digital platform we can see the DNA of Fendi in its inner values, shown directly to young people by referring to their subcultures: it’s a new narration of the city the brand belongs to, Rome. Are they the new purchasers? Probably yes, we can see some intentions in unveiling the new target they want to reach, but again this is a great communication project spread worldwide. Dont’ call them millennials.

It’s remarkable the link to social related to the project: Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. F is for… Fendi and its lifestyle.

In Contactlab, we partnered the communication with the launch to the customer base: by managing the newsletter campaign we can see it reached some great results in terms of openings and clicks, generating a significant reach in terms of awareness and interaction. Such a successful project, a great example of how be truly digital from the start.

16 March 2017
Author Federica Digiorgio Marketing Program Manager
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