ContactLab joins the Certified Senders Alliance

With the admission to the Certified Senders Alliance's whitelist we add a further seal of approval to our email campaigns on behalf of all our clients.


ContactLab has been admitted to the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), a project by the ECO – Association of the Internet Industry, which includes the leading Internet Service Providers on the German market (, GMX, Yahoo!, AOL, Vodafone) and the top international Email Service Providers. The initiative offers partner email marketing firms significant advantages and assurances over deliverability.

Thanks to this certification, our company can offer its clients additional guarantee that their German market communication campaigns will achieve the highest possible success rates.

ContactLab has always been committed to making sure clients’ email campaigns arrive smoothly and to this end has worked extensively at a global level to promote the most up-to-date best practices in the sector. By virtue of its own Sender Reputation it has earned recognition as a key point of reference on the market.

The CSA whitelist offers ESPs a fast track for the delivery of emails, enabling end users to receive all the communications they genuinely wish to read without hindrance. Leading email service providers that respect emailing best practices can thus eliminate problems generated by inappropriate filters.

“To be part of the Certified Senders Alliance is an important step that confirms the coherence and validity of the work carried out over the years by ContactLab at an international level,” said Marco Franceschetti, our Head of Deliverability. “Our company has always been committed to the adoption of universal best practices to guarantee clients the best rates of deliverability. Achieving this objective can only be an advantage as we look to generate new business in the German market.”

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