MailUp and Contactlab announce their integration, which gives births to the leading Italian player in the cloud marketing technologies market

The operation follows the acquisition of Contactlab S.p.A. by the Growens group. The new combined offer will enable MailUp+Contactlab to consolidate its leadership in multi-channel digital marketing and advanced consultancy services


Milan, April 5th 2022MailUp and Contactlab are pleased to announce their integration following the acquisition of Contactlab S.p.A. by Growens Group (here is the press release), of which MailUp is part. This operation allows the new division MailUp + Contactlab, which will become a single business unit, to create the leading Italian player of next-generation digital marketing cloud solutions, suitable for organizations of all sizes and types.



Who is Mailup

MailUp, founded in 2002 in Cremona, is a multichannel marketing platform chosen by over 9,500 companies to enhance their customer-centric marketing strategies via Email and SMS. Over the years MailUp has grown to become an important point of reference in the Italian market and an expanding reality at global level. MailUp’s key assets are the reliability of its sending infrastructure, the high deliverability rates and the vertical configuration of its solutions, as well as a specific focus on the integrability of its solution with external systems. 

Who is Contactlab

Contactlab, founded in 1998 by current CEO Massimo Fubini, offers a self-hosted data-centric marketing cloud platform and a range of strategic professional services delivered by a team of over 90 engagement marketing experts. The purpose is to provide customers with high quality solutions to maximize their customer engagement strategies and develop effective digital marketing campaigns.

Benefits of the integration MailUp+Contactlab

The joining of Contactlab into the Growens group and the integration of MailUp+Contactlab offerings, let brands benefit from the twenty-years experience of both companies and the distinctive skills of more than 200 digital marketing professionals who will form the new business unit team. The combined offering enhances advanced features of data management, segmentation, real-time automated marketing and a complete set of APIs to interact with external analytics systems, dashboarding and predictive models. All this will allow the new MailUp+Contactlab unit to increase its competitiveness on the market and meet even more sophisticated needs in terms of both technology and professional services. Thanks to the presence of experts in digital strategy and data analysis, the combined unit’s clients will have the opportunity to be supported in increasing the value of their contacts, improving conversions, maximizing sales and building customer loyalty through advanced engagement marketing programs. Both Contactlab and MailUp’s technology solutions will be maintained and developed to ensure a continuous growth for current and future clients.

The quotes

Luca Azzali, General Manager of MailUp, states: “With the integration of the Contactlab offering, MailUp – together with the Growens group as a whole – seizes an important opportunity to consolidate its position on the Italian market, achieving an undisputed leadership. Thanks to the strong complementarity between our respective customer bases, we will further expand the range of offerings with innovative technologies and services to ensure the management of successful marketing campaigns“.

Massimo Fubini, CEO and founder of Contactlab and future head of the “combined” MailUp+Contactlab business unit, states: “I am really glad and positive about this operation: bringing together the main players of Italian market will make us even stronger for the challenges that await us in international markets too. I am also honored to lead this incredible MailUp+Contactlab unit and the 200+ members of its team since its very beginning. With this operation we bring to the Growens group our skills, developed in 25 years of established presence on the market, an evolved technology grown over time along with the needs of customers and a long experience in the management of enterprise and multinational realities”.

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