Contactlab included in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Email Marketing


For the 5th time in succession since it appeared for the first time, Contactlab has been included as a global “Representative Vendor” in the 2020 edition of Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Marketing, the key reference point for marketers looking to choose a partner to create and optimise their email campaigns as part of a broader multichannel marketing programs.


Our organisation is deemed as being a mid-level solution which offers extremely strong functionality for medium and large-scale companies.


What is Gartner’s Market Guide?

It is a tool through which Gartner discusses current market definition, its rapid evolution and its dynamics, examining trends and major players where marketers can go to execute or optimize their email campaigns.


In particular, Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Marketing explores the global landscape of email marketing provider covering everything from small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to enterprise customers. This marketing channel has been historically adopted by B2C companies, although in more recent years B2B and B2B2C use cases can be found.


Email marketing is essential in any marketing strategy

Email marketing is a staple channel for any marketing strategy. It is one of the most mature and commonly used digital marketing channel. As Gartner’s 2019 Multichannel Marketing Survey says, 64% of respondents indicated they use email marketing as part of their marketing strategy.


Among all advertising channels, email marketing is the most profitable one (29% of conversion rate) and one of the most effective driver for customer loyalty.


Email often serves as the starting point for marketers’ multichannel marketing efforts. It is a proven connector to a user ID, offering to brands a unique view of the customer to develop more connected digital marketing programs, overarching the multiple and unpredictable journey of the customer among digital and phisical channels.


Furthermore, it plays a fundamental role at every stage of the Buy/Own/Advocate journey for B2C and B2B marketers.


Gartner's Buy Own Advocate Journey

Gartner’s Buy Own Advocate Journey

Contactlab in Gartner’s Market Guide for Email marketing

Gartner considers Contactlab as a representative vendor for Midtier / niche / enterprise-independent companies, a category that reflect also our business scope.

Gartner highlights how, together with other vendor listed in our category, we provide email marketing services as part of broader solutions that bridge into multichannel marketing hubs.


Beside a powerful and complete Marketing Cloud, which is a all-in-one multichannel marketing hub, Gartner acknowledges Contactlab as a company offering robust managed-service as well.


“I’m very proud of Gartner’s aknowledgement – says our CEO Massimo FubiniWithin 6 years from the first census, Gartner has put an eye on our platform evolution and chooses us again as representative vendor for mid-tier enterprises. This reaffirms our market positioning and it is also an important proof of excellence of our Contactlab Marketing Cloud, a platform that we developed during the past 4 intense years of R%D to give access to marketers to the most evolved features for their multichannel digital marketing”.


If you will to know more about the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and the managed services we provide, CONTACT US NOW.

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