Contacthub, the product that builds unique consumer profiles

Contactlab announces a new product: Contacthub


Every day each and every one of us perform countless actions: at home, at school, at work, on holiday… wherever we are, whatever we do, we leave behind traces of our interests and desires. These huge volumes of data translate into information about our identities.

Have you ever wondered what you could do if this data was collected, structured and made instantly available to support business communication decisions and strategies?

When collected and managed, this data describes who each and every one of us is. When collected and connected, it creates unique, complete, integrated and enhanced user profiles. Giving businesses the power to make decisions, help build a personalized dialogue with the consumer, take actions, and make their business grow.

Contacthub  does just that. Newly available, the solution builds enhanced consumer profiles in real time, aggregating data and events from different sources, making the information available – quickly and easily – to all business systems from one place.

Contacthub is part of the Engagement Marketing platform, our market leading solution for customer engagement. Contacthub lets you integrate information from eCommerce systems, CRM, websites, Customer Care, subscription forms, and in-store transaction data via a wide range of facilitators (API Rest, SDK, plugin, Javascript), significantly reducing average time spent on these operations.

If you are interested in growing your business, strengthening your relationship with consumers, find out more about what Contacthub can do for you, or write to us to request a demo of our new product!

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