Case History: UNHCR

Contactlab and UNHCR Italia partner to positively affect people’s lives through donors


UNHCR Italia posed the challenge to analyze and understand a vast amount of data in order to define the next steps of the contact plan to increase donors’ engagement, involvement and donations ultimately giving an opportunity to refugees.


  • Analyze and organize donors’ data to create cluster based on behaviour and marketing data
  • Increase donations in terms of numbers and amounts
  • Build an advanced personalized digital communication plan


We partnered with UNHCR Italia to do a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the marketing and behavioural data of donors and prospects. We worked to normalize the database segmenting donors and prospects, and built a roadmap of the future strategy recommended to improve the donor engagement and increase donations in terms of number and amount.

As additional benefits, UNHCR achieved a better understanding of the donor journey and the digital contactability impact on donation.

Finally, we drafted a digital communication plan based on advanced segmentation, which allows the NPO to engage in a personalized way its donors. The project is the natural evolution of a long lasting relationship: UNHCR and Contactlab work together on many digital marketing campaigns since 2009.


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