Case History: Purina



PURINA, the petcare division at Nestlé Italia, has chosen Contactlab to consolidate its customer engagement strategy through email marketing, basing its communications on advanced segmentation and automated campaigns.


  • Customise the relationship with users
  • Solidify customer loyalty over time
  • Promote products in the PURINA family
  • Reward and celebrate customers’ unique relationship with the brand


To fulfil its multi-channel messaging needs, Contactlab equipped PURINA with the Contactsend platform and offered its professional services for multi-brand customer base management.

Since 2012, Contactlab has provided the client with strategic and executive support for the creation of a customer engagement plan for all brands in its roster. In order to promote PURINA products and create loyal customers, Contactlab’s email marketing campaigns revolve around advanced segmentation based on the behaviour of the target (up to 11 segments) and on and on message delivery automation.

Take a look at the infographic!

PURINA has a dedicated team of consultants available, on board to plan digital direct marketing, metrics and deliverables aimed at reaching its business objectives. In addition, the brand makes use of our integrated marketing services: creative concept planning and realisation in all its forms, the execution of campaigns through Contactsend, and periodic monitoring of the results and behaviour of the database.

Purina and Contactlab won a Certificate at the International Echo Awards in New Orleans in 2017 for this project.

Contactsend, the multi-channel delivery module within the new engagement marketing platform, enables PURINA to create a long-term, high-value relationship with its users thanks to marketing automation, behavioural segmentation and one-to-one customised communication mechanisms.
The brand uses the email channel to

  • engage users in a customised, high-value relationship which lasts over time
  • present customised content to each customer according to his/her behaviours and the development of his/her lifecycle
  • turn consumers into loyal customers with emotion-based communications linked to targeted moments

The company also had Contactlab create a satisfaction survey for the launch of a few new PURINA items. Thanks to the Customer Quality Relationship Index (CQR), a proprietary index generated by our research division, the client has been able to measure customer satisfaction in relation to its products.


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