Case History: Peuterey

Peuterey: a renewed customer engagement strategy thanks to Contactlab


In September 2016, Peuterey began an important overhaul to its customer engagement strategy, investing in the digital channel to collect information about its customers and use that data as a stimulus to generate sales.

Requirements and goals

  • Tap into a CRM platform that is integrated with all the brand’s touchpoints: e-commerce, retail, wholesale, and contacts coming from the website and social media
  • Trace the performance of each sales channel
  • Gather all the information on each user coming from multiple sources into a single profile, while keeping each source visible in the profile
  • Get to know its users and their behaviour: average expenditure per purchase, purchase frequency, geotagging, etc.
  • Create a relevant contact plan for each target


First and foremost, Peuterey needed to get to know its users to engage in relevant dialogue with them. To do so, it required a CRM platform integrated with the e-commerce section, offline sales channels and the website. Secondly, the company needed to be able to trace the performance of each channel and understand the ROI linked to each active marketing campaign.

To meet these key needs, the company committed to the development of the sales and marketing strategy proposed by Contactlab’s team of experts, purchasing the full Contactlab Marketing Cloud suite with creative services and investing in important supplementary consulting.
In relation to the latter, we helped the company revise its online and offline registration process through the loyalty card (in shops and outlets) and proposed a review of the email contact plan which included analysis to understand how their emails were performing.

Currently, the DB is made up of users originating from the website, those found in the CRM platform and those coming from Peuterey flagship stores. The brand has two rather distinct targets, each with equally diversified relationship structures

  1. B2C: users coming from three touchpoints – retail, outlet and e-commerce – who receive marketing messages in the form of promotions, information about collections, local events, brand history, etc. In particular, the brick-and-mortal channel already had a loyalty programme.
  2. B2B: wholesale resellers who are primarily the recipients of information relating to the brand’s promotions and other types of advertisements, collection launch events, marketing initiatives and even commercial offers, procurement logistics, information about the technical aspects of the garments and visual merchandising guides.

The client manages communications with its B2B users (which makes up about 80% of its revenue) through our platform. Contact with this target market is divided into logistical messages, taking the form of transactional emails with automations which provide the customer with updates about an order, and marketing messages.

Thanks to the integration of the e-commerce side with the customer engagement platform, the client can access real-time data regarding the average amount its customers are spending on each order, the average annual purchase amount, the number of unique buyers v. number of orders, and the total transaction value. Thanks to this behavioural data generated by its collaboration with Contactlab, Peuterey can now create user profiles and a cutting-edge contact plan.


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