Case History: Original Marines

Growing together with digital direct marketing. Contactlab for Original Marines


Original Marines, a brand of IMAP Export Spa produces and sells casual and sporty clothing lines, partners with Contactlab a project to integrate on-line and off-line channels aimed at increasing in-store sales with a personalised communication plan based on digital direct marketing.


  • Retrain the database and create a unique one integrated with the CRM system
  • Generate in-store demand with digital direct marketing campaigns
  • Boost engagement and fidelity among newsletter subscribers
  • Design a coordinated digital experience that blends seamlessly with the brand’s new image


Together with Contactlab, Original Marines retrained its database, creating a unique contact list integrated with its CRM system. This enabled a personalised contact plan to be designed, which boosted engagement and in-store sales from customers and prospects.

Original Marines had multiple and dated databases: careful checks were conducted to update and clean up the contacts, and create a unique DB integrated with the CRM system. This operation maximised the cost/campaign effectiveness ratio.

Once this stage was complete, the MyOriginal fidelity programme was initiated to drive customer engagement and boost prospects’ fidelity, incentivising in-store sales. Contactlab designed a personalised contact plan based on users’ actions, focusing on the digital world to promote in-store sales. The campaigns were sent out via email and SMS and featured refreshed content consistent with the new brand identity.


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