Case History: group group: communicating through dynamic personalisation

Context group, ranked among the first five online travel companies worldwide, has chosen Contactlab to develop a large-scale personalised communication project based on dynamic contents and campaigns creation, differentiated into micro-segments by behavioural variables.


  • Consolidate customer engagement
  • Increase percentage of repeating bookings
  • Efficently segment behavioural audiences


Contactlab provided group with an ecosystem based on platforms and professional services to manage globally and on a multi-brand basis its customer base.

The integrated segmentation and email delivery system, easy-to-use and intuitive, monitors and tracks user behaviour over time, reaching each audience micro-segment with personalised messages in real time by selecting static, dynamic or live content emails.

The contact plan was created with a focus on personalised messages based on the user’s previous behaviour, a treasure trove of information accessible via Contactlab technologies.

This wealth of data was lent value by the Contactlab architecture and enabled the brand to create a full customer-journey contact strategy, depending both on momentum and the distinctive element of proximity.

To meet group’s business objectives, the brand’s work needed to be synchronised with the customer’s location (proximity) and the moment of their journey, matching their actions with the message sent (momentum). This is the most effective way to ensure the content makes sense, creating a strong bond that perpetuates the inclination to buy again. group entrusted Contactlab, which worked with the company as a genuine partner rather than just a service provider, to select the best solutions to meet its business objectives.


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