Case History: Aspiag

Aspiag: a Community to Nurture


Aspiag, one of the leading mass distribution retailers with a strong presence throughout Italy thanks to its Despar, Spar and Eurospar stores, chose Contactlab to boost the number of members in its community interested in healthy eating and the lifestyle promoted by “Casa di Vita”. The project was developed in collaboration with the agency AD010.


  • Add new members to the community to influence purchases at their points of sale
  • Boost the visibility of Despar branded products
  • Personalise the relationship with users
  • Increase the loyalty of consumers over time


Using the “Casa di Vita” community on Facebook, Aspiag launched a content marketing project to increase the number of community members and active users, informing new followers about all their initiatives through targeted campaigns.

The first stage of the strategy was to select those users already on the Despar database who were the most responsive to email marketing campaigns. Contactlab Marketing Cloud helped to identify the users who interacted with the latest campaigns and to export them to Facebook, revealing who among them was already present on the social network and creating a Custom Audience of engaged users.

In the second stage, using the identified Custom Audience, a group with similar features was selected using the look alike function.

This second audience was used as a target in a “Lead Ads” campaign, which reached over 75,000 people with adverts on Instagram and Facebook in order to acquire new contacts. The campaign, developed by our creative department, was conducted with two different images, which allowed the user to download a pdf document containing information on the issues addressed by the community (healthy eating and lifestyle).

Users who responded to the campaign were added to the Aspiag Contactsend database –  Contactlab’s solution for the multichannel management of digital direct marketing communications.

In the third stage, the database was used for specific and targeted email marketing campaigns which encouraged users to join the community and track the various activities proposed over time.

The key to this strategy was the combination of Contactsend’s features to measure the results of email marketing with the powerful tools offered by Facebook Business, with a view to conducting highly effective, targeted campaigns.


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