Case History: Arduino

Arduino has chosen Contactlab to assure the best user experience on its 20 websites and two international e-commerce


Arduino, one of the most important providers of open-source software and hardware made specifically for DIY technology enthusiasts, has chosen Contactlab Marketing Cloud suite as its centralised userbase management tool. By merging the numerous historical databases and front-end interfaces which have sprung up over the years, Arduino has finally launched 20 websites and two international e-commerce sites, all while getting better results from its direct digital marketing efforts and improving the overall user experience.


  • Merge and standardise the database to consolidate previously-disjointed operations
  • Use a platform which can be integrated with Arduino and third-party systems in full autonomy
  • Simplify user navigation, offering a single login for all microsites and improving the UX
  • Constantly enhance the deliverability of messages to users and be able to monitor the results
  • Improve brand identity through extra attention to creative details of each email batch
  • Measure and analyse the results of email marketing campaigns

Project, one of the 3,000 most-clicked sites in the world with more than 120 million unique visitors per year, has chosen Contactlab to ensure an optimised user experience on its websites as consumers browse, purchase and enjoy its products. Through the Contactlab Marketing Cloud, and thanks to Contacthub in particular, Arduino’s site registration process has been simplified and navigation made smoother and more intuitive. In terms of the back end, merged databases and centralised control over operations mean all user events can be monitored over time.

In the process, Arduino automated conversations with customers, integrating the multichannel communication platform with the e-commerce side. And thanks to the migration of its DB to our system, the company even improved the deliverability of messages which often got caught in spam filters under the previous provider. Not only that, but the hardware and software provider finally has a way to measure the effectiveness of its email marketing campaigns, which have been made even more enjoyable thanks to an image overhaul handled by Arduino itself.

Arduino worked closely with Contactlab to enrich Contacthub, a powerful tool which captures and integrates data about users and their behaviour. This information can then be exported to company-wide systems to identify clients and send them highly-targeted marketing campaigns.
Arduino configured entirely autonomously the Engagement Marketing Suite and integrated it with the site and third-party systems. In doing so, the company has managed to quickly launch its e-commerce domain, accompanying it with emotionally impactful email campaigns.


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